To Dreaming Trekking Mountains

Climbing Yalangas Mountain

What the Mountains dream of:

Why do I dream of Mountains – Naked – anxiety – wooded – infidelity – to climb – success, if you are at the top – to see the mountains – difficulties – to descend – failure.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Mountains – Mountain means an obstacle. A business that you may have carefully and carefully planned for will remain an unattainable peak for you. It is better to abandon the deliberately meaningless attempts to conquer it and do something else. If the peak that you dream of is covered with a snow cap, then you need to gather strength and achieve your goal at all costs. If there is no snow on top, then it is better not to suffer and abandon fruitless attempts. If you climb a mountain in a dream, it means that the goal is close and your efforts will soon be rewarded handsomely. If you see yourself on top of a mountain, it means that fate will soon make a sharp turn (it’s unknown, for better or for worse) and your life will radically change.

Mountains to which dream – To conquer the mountain peaks – to succeed. Get hurt in the mountains and see your blood – get into a dead end, solving production problems. Find a gem in the mountains – get an unexpected business offer. To break during the ascent – to fail in business. Go to the mountain river – take a fresh look at the task.

Dream Interpretation of Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Dream Interpretation: Mountains that mean

Why do I dream of Mountains – Naked – anxiety – wooded – infidelity – to climb – success, if you climb in – see – difficulties – to descend – failure – to climb the mountain for the patient – recovery (climbed for a long time – a very serious illness), this is how this dream is interpreted.

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