Tourism Empire Mountain Altai on a Map

Tourist base ?? Children’s Tourism Empire ?? located on the left bank of the Katun River (about 300 meters from the river bank), 8 kilometers from the warm lake Aya. Since 2008, the hostel ?? Altai Odyssey ?? It welcomes guests not only in summer but also year-round.

The main specialization of the base ?? organization of summer programs for active children’s leisure for groups of children aged 7 to 17 years. Programs include fascinating training in basic tourist skills, rafting accompanied by experienced instructors, a variety of walking and car excursions in the Altai Mountains, sports events, games and outdoor contests, classes in the climbing section. Throughout the race, the leaders of children’s groups are constantly with children ?? participate in all activities, monitor the implementation of regime moments, are responsible for the health of children.

For living at the camp site there are summer houses and two-story comfortable cottages with bathrooms with hot water in the room or on the floor. Room capacity ?? from two to eight people, in some rooms there is the possibility of organizing additional seats on a folding sofa. Meals in the summer are organized in the summer dining room, in the winter ?? in the winter dining room with a Russian stove.

At the camp site there is a left-luggage office, a first-aid post and a video room. On the territory of the base there is a bathhouse and an outdoor shower, a summer stationary outdoor pool with a water slide, sports grounds, table tennis tables, a dance floor. In winter, a ski lift works near the base, and ski equipment can be rented.

The excursion program includes trips to Lake Manzherok, visits to Tavdinsky caves, Kamyshlinsky waterfall and Chemal hydroelectric station, excursions to African ostriches, which are kept nearby and are allowed to even feed from hand, trips to deer farming, where you can see how the deer is kept, and take beautiful pictures as a keepsake.

To the hostel ?? Children’s Tourism Empire ?? delivery of intercity buses of travel agencies from Novosibirsk and Barnaul was organized. You can also get regular bus services from bus stations. In both cases, tourists are disembarked at the Aysky bridge on the right bank of the Katun. The remaining 8 kilometers of guests are usually delivered by transport base ?? UAZ or minibus. When buying a ticket at a travel agency, the cost of delivery from Aysky bridge to the camp site is included in the ticket price.

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