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Hiking tours to the mountains of Adygea and

Hiking in the mountains of the Caucasus is considered to be the most difficult and eventful. An impressive backpack behind you, a readiness for hiking difficulties, good physical shape – this is a pass into the bewitching world of the mountainous Caucasus. Mother Nature has created the mountains of the Caucasus an ideal place for climbing and other outdoor activities. Most of the tourist routes here pass through parks and reserves, where you can see the untouched picturesque nature.

The purest air of the mountains frees you from thoughts of the city bustle. At the top of the slopes, only you and the mountains! The world of the Caucasus is a completely different world.

The Caucasus is a place where you can enjoy the crystal-clear air, the beauty of lakes, the mesmerizing sound of mountain rivers, and the endless singing of birds. Mountain lakes are not large in size. They attract most tourists by their location in remote places, away from settlements and at high altitude.

Tours to the Caucasus for many years remain a wonderful and desirable place for active recreation.

The highest and most inaccessible region of the Caucasus is Central. Here you will see the highest mountain in Europe – Elbrus. The western region of the Caucasus is more picturesque. In this area there are a large number of parks and reserves. You will see calm valleys and mysterious forests.

Who likes outdoor activities, new experiences, communication with nature? Walking tours in the Caucasus – this is for you!

Most tourists, the mountains of the Caucasus, attract with their impregnability. They can obey only courageous and persistent people, but then their beauty will forever take a huge place in your heart.

Hiking in the mountains of the Caucasus is, first of all, a test for yourself what you are capable of. The Caucasus Mountains will help you unleash the potential of hidden abilities. During the trip, you will have the opportunity to overcome various difficulties and obstacles (both physical and psychological), as well as the opportunity to understand yourself, put in order thoughts, feelings and understand what you really want and want from life.

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