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There are more and more adherents of outdoor activities from year to year. Indeed, in return for the hours spent lying on the beach under the sweltering sun, it is much better to go to the mountains or the forest, to the river or lake. Great impressions you are guaranteed to receive many times more. However, for such a vacation to become a truly pleasant adventure, you need to carefully prepare for it, namely: buy camping equipment.

The necessary equipment for tourists What exactly things are worth buying, depends on the duration, type of trip and time of year. However, in any case, you can’t do without a backpack. First of all, it should be roomy, with a comfortable fit on the back. Shoulder straps should be adjustable in height. It is such convenient and functional backpacks that are presented in the network of shops and the online store of tourist equipment “KANT”.

A necessary attribute for every tourist is a sleeping bag. It should be selected, taking into account the season and air temperature. For example, Deuter Orbit 0 ° sleeping bags are designed for use in low summer temperatures. In turn, Deuter Exosphere -8 will allow you to fully relax when in the colder season.

An all-weather tent from companies such as MSR, Outdoor Project, Salewa, Trek Planet will help you to shelter from heavy rain, heavy snow or gusty wind. Among other things, in our store, you can choose everything for tourism: rugs, hammocks, gas equipment, camping furniture, lights, snowshoes, etc. We offer the best products from world famous manufacturers:

Outdoor Project-DeuterSalewaGrangersSnow PeakBlack DiamondPetzlJet BoilKoveaMSRBeal

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