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in the side of Alushta
The catalog of active tours and entertainments that you can do on vacation in Alushta. It is necessary to climb the mountains in the area. You can do this either on foot with a guided tour or a simple hike, on a quad bike, ordering tours of any complexity, or on a horse, choosing leisurely horseback riding.

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Are you planning to spend your vacation in Alushta actively? Great choice! And the Ternado catalog of tours and adventures will help to cope with this task. It’s enough just to arm yourself with patience, browse our long and interesting list of tours, choose the right one (or better, several at once, because there is no superfluous pleasure!).

Active holidays in Alushta for mountain lovers The highlight of Alushta’s location: the city is located in a wide valley between the mountains and the sea. The Crimean mountains in this place retreated from the sea line by almost six kilometers, creating a particularly beautiful landscape. Climbing the slopes, you can see how Alushta is spread at the very feet, ending with a line of beaches. And you can climb the mountains on your own, riding a horse or using a powerful ATV motor or a jeep. All conceivable mountain active tours in Alushta and its environs are collected on this page. Jeepur to Mount Demerdzhi, horseback riding past the ancient Funa fortress, hiking with backpacks to the plateau and its caves is not a complete list of active holidays in Alushta! Who needs active tours in Alushta? You do not need to think that outdoor activities were created for athletes. Beginners can also participate in this. We arrived with the whole family in one of the boarding houses of Alushta, but constantly lying on the beach became boring? It’s time to book our tours for adults and children! It is known that thrills and vivid emotions especially bring people together. Give your soulmate, your children a new, unique Crimea from a different angle! Sports tours in Alushta for the pros If you can’t classify yourself among the beginners in the world of outdoor activities, welcome to our especially adrenaline tours. The highlight of the catalog is a speleotour to the Gugergin cave or MAN cave! Participants will be descending on the ropes into the bowels of the earth. It is known that Crimea is famous for its caves – where else will it be possible to get so close to the heart of the earth?

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