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Mountains have long attracted people

In the extreme southwestern point of Tatarstan, in the Tetyush region, near the border with the Ulyanovsk region, there is a very interesting, in many respects, place. This Shchuchye mountains – a hill on the right bank of the Volga, deeply protruding into the Kuibyshev reservoir. The part of the Shchuchy Mountains deepening into the Volga is called Cape Zolny. Pike mountains are one of the most inaccessible places in Tatarstan. The territory is covered with forest, it is mainly linden and oak, and is complicated by a large number of ravines, with elevation differences of 50-70 m. Everything is quite complicated with the roads there – they do not always correspond to the maps, and usually go to the river, or to clearings.

Shchuchye mountains are a key ornithological territory of Russia. The avifauna has more than 100 species of birds. Here you can find rare birds, such as white-tailed eagle, wren, and dwarf eagle. The largest breeding colony of black kite in the Volga region is located here. In these forests there are also many wild boars, who have chosen local oak forests and ravines.

If you go down the river, to the village of Undory and the shale mine, to the region of the Undor Mountains – on the shore you can meet many ancient fossils. These are shells of cephalopods that are imprinted in stone – ammonites, bones and skeletons of ancient fish and marine dinosaurs. There is a paleontological museum in the village.

A walking route can be laid from the village of Uryum, through the tract Dolinovka, which is located on the shore, between the ravines Fedorov and Konny. Next will be one of the largest ravines – Labai, through which the eponymous stream flows. Adjacent to it is the ravine of Imbral. In the valley, between two ravines is a forest-free tract Jurmalko. Two kilometers from this tract, it is theoretically possible to go on the road to Cape Zolny. There are no roads to the west after the cape (there may be clearings), but on low water you can try to go along the coast. After 8 km, after a dozen nameless ravines and streams, there will be a tract Mantovaya Polyana. From there you can either go north, to the village of Vasilyevka, or, if time permits, to reach the village of Undory. The route is definitely very interesting. But not easy. Differences in altitude, windbreaks, lack of roads – impose their requirements for passing.

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