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Many outdoor enthusiasts choose mountain hiking. In the endless mountain expanses, far from the bustle of the city, you can feel complete freedom, forget about everyday problems and just enjoy the splendor of the surrounding nature. In such an atmosphere, both the body and the soul rest. In addition, mountain travel challenges willpower, helping to develop stress tolerance and endurance. No matter how you look at it, time spent in the mountains will certainly not be wasted.

However, a hike in the mountains is not just a trip to nature, but a real adventure for which you need to prepare well. This is especially true for novice tourists. Underestimation of one’s own abilities, rich imagination and rash decisions can turn into troubles or even endanger a person’s life.

Going on a hike to the mountains Think about the time of year for a hike. Beginners are better off on a trip in August. In summer, you can avoid the many difficulties that can arise in winter. In addition, only in the summer can you fully enjoy the vivid landscapes and natural beauties that are hidden from view by snow in winter. Keep in shape. By going to the mountains you need to be not only mentally, but also physically prepared. Regular training must begin at least a month in advance (depending on the degree of difficulty of the route). At the same time, you need to eat right and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Plan your route. Before going to the mountains, you need to calculate the length of the tourist route (including daytime distances) and study in advance the nearest campsites, parking and overnight places. It’s important to have a backup option for getting off the route. Get insurance. A trip to the mountains carries a risk of serious injury. The insurance cover will protect against the consequences of accidents and provide financial support to the victim. The group must have a leader with experience in campaigns similar in complexity to the one you are going to. In addition, he will teach safety, provide first aid and help you make the right decision in dangerous situations. What to bring with you?

Before starting the trip, we usually think for a long time what things to take with us, but as a result, the backpack does not have the necessary minimum that can be useful in the mountains.

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