Mountain Hike 1 Category Difficulties

Short Description: Mountain Hike

This trip to the Northern Tien Shan turned out to be “the most” for me in many ways. The longest, most physically complex, and so on, you can list a lot. But we can say with confidence that it has become the most logical continuation of my entire activity in sports tourism.

Route: a / l. Ala-Archa – Per. Min-Dzhylky (4050 m, 1B) (radially) – trans. Spartakiad (4100 m, 1B) – per. Them. 100th anniversary of the city of Frunze (3900 m, 1B) – a / l. Ala-Archa – Teke-Tor (4100 m, 2A) – trans. Simonova (3850 m, 1B) – Toolmaker (4440 m, 2A *) – dol. Alamedin River – Central Spark (4380, 2A) – per. Issyk-Ata East. (4080, 1B) – Issyk-Ata resort.

Our entire path can be divided into three large parts. The first is the ring to the west of Ala-Archi, the second and most important – from the alpine camp to the Teply Kluch recreation center on the Alamedin river, and the third – from the recreation center to Issyk-Ata.

So, it was a mountain hike of the 3rd category of complexity. For the three, it turned out to be difficult, but this can only be considered a plus for experience and for the future. The length is 160 km, 8 passes, duration – 21 days. It was originally planned 19 days and 2 spare, but they had to be used due to the weather and the passage of the icefall after the lane. Toolmaker (4440 m, 2A *). We went all as planned and, by the way, took 2nd place in the Championship of the Central Federal District among trips 3 K. s!

The area of ​​the Northern Tien Shan – the Kyrgyz Range is very accessible in terms of arrival and departure and the organization of grocery castings. To the south of Bishkek, mountains begin abruptly, which descend with hills and spurs almost to the city itself. Immediately before departure, we organized a grocery transfer to the Teply Klyuch base (for the third part of our journey). We left the cast for the second part in Ala-Arch, where we returned after the first ring.

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