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How many people – so many opinions. Therefore, I’ll get the impudence to express my own.

So, are walkie-talkies really necessary in mountain tourism? Especially on uncomplicated routes. Once again I remind you – we are talking exclusively about tourism (not mountaineering). And not about super-duper-sophisticated technology, but about the most affordable “civilian” samples of stations. To begin with, how these radio gadgets operate in the mountains, and they act bluntly and bluntly (and, literally). A stable connection is possible, as a rule, only within the line of sight, or within the boundaries of one valley (one gorge), if there are no sharp turns of the relief. But, the fact is that the main part of the hiking routes are laid not in fields and meadows, and not in a line. And in this case, it is worth having left for reconnaissance to go over the turn of the mountain, as a connection, most often, there is a kayuk! And now we’ll try to imagine situations when radios, in theory, can be useful on a hike. Part of the group goes to reconnaissance, or to the radial station. I already said this – as soon as the departed are turned into a neighboring decay, the connection will end. In a group, an emergency occurs. Most often, this happens where the terrain is so complicated that no radio waves from the portable station can reach anywhere. In addition, there is one more point – even if a miracle happened and the connection finished off to civilized people, in order to be heard and sent help, it is necessary that someone there at this moment was sitting “at the reception.” And are you sure that in the nearest village such a local radio amateur is certainly sitting? ) Control over a group that stretches along Nepod, these “problems” usually begin to be broadcast by those “leaders” who have a mess in the group – where people are following the path “as they want,” and “where they want to.” If the movement of tourists is organized correctly, the instructor ahead clearly knows who and where he is during the day. Of course, everything happens (including mine) – sometimes strange people disappear somewhere from the middle of the group, but … it’s impossible to predict this, and EVERY tourist in the group will not give out a walkie-talkie anyway! For the complacency of the Type, if something happens, we can call for help! Well, if you take the walkie-talkies on a campaign just for this, then yes – the argument is weighty. Although … with the same success for these purposes, you can take some kind of device for astral or telepathic communication (for example, alcohol). For control and consultation of newcomers Yes, here the walkie-talkies will be quite appropriate. For example, if the “dummies” went for firewood, or for water, then their more experienced comrades will be able to tell them by the walkie-talkie what kind of firewood …

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