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Norway. Hiking in the mountains

Weather on the coast in May is usually consistently good: rains are rare, during the day about 20 degrees of heat. The sea is still quite cold (about 15 degrees), but very often we swim in the sea for recreational purposes. It happens in the mountains in different ways: sometimes it rains, it is hot during the day, and at night the temperature can drop to + 7ºС. Regular participants in our walking tours of the Crimea noticed the following pattern: if the weather on the peninsula is perfect for one year and there is no rain at all, then in the next it will be the other way around. However, one should not be afraid of rains: usually it is after rainy hikes that the strongest marriages and real friendships are born.

Hiking in Crimea: nature of the peninsula

Crimean mountains are considered to be low. So it is: the heights here are not at all those in the Caucasus. The highest point of the peninsula is Ai-Petri (1,234 m above sea level). However, the constant ascents and descents do not allow us to call trips around the Center of Crimea completely “mattress”. Rock massifs, ridges, Yayly … During a trip to the mountains of the Crimea you will have to work hard. Trails will loop down and up valleys, rocks and forests.

The Crimean forest is very much like a fairy tale: a thick layer of foliage on the ground, huge clumsy beeches, thickets of wild fruit trees and many streams and sources. In the forests you can often find local endemic: Crimean deer. At some tourist camps, deer come at night to drink water. Thanks to the painstaking work of environmentalists, the population of the rare species is almost restored. In addition, during a hiking trip in the Crimea on the route you can meet a hare, a fox (they love to carry food and unattended things), wild boars and some other animals. Predators larger than a fox have not remained here since imperial times: hunting for a bear and a wolf was a very popular entertainment.

Are there ticks in Crimea? Yes, you can meet them, but it’s worthwhile to understand: this zone is much less encephalitis-dangerous than, for example, the Leningrad region. If you still decided to get vaccinated against encephalitis before a hiking trip to the Crimea from St. Petersburg, do it in advance. Revaccination for this vaccine is necessary three months after the first vaccine, otherwise there is no sense.

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