Single Mountain Trekking

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Single hikes occupy a very special place in tourism. The image of a diehard single wolf courageously making his way through deserts, jungle and swamps, meditating on the tops of the mountains, spending his evenings in the company of a bonfire and a cup of strong tea, looks very attractive and romantic, but often has nothing to do with real life. In this article (and possibly in the next few), we will tell you what solo tours really are, what skills they need to possess and what equipment should be prepared.

Every person going on a hiking trip does this for some purpose. Someone just wants to relax and unwind, some want to get to know new interesting places, others want to test their physical skills and learn the basics of survival in the wild. However, all these goals can be completely and easily achieved in the company. Campaign in the group is much more fun, more comfortable and safer. So why do some individuals so stubbornly seek solitary travel?

There is an answer to this question, and it lies in the metaphysical realm.

Since ancient times, loneliness was considered the strongest means of influencing a person’s personality. That is why many nations had rituals associated with this practice. For example, some Indian tribes sent the future warrior on a long hunt, and only its successful completion marked the transition of a person to the category of adult men, and in many African villages still fined members of the community are sent alone to the jungle “for re-education.” It will not be amiss to recall the experience of hermits and monks who sought truth in solitude. Thus, it is the psychological component of solitary travel that is of value and interest to us in the first place.

The impact of solo hiking on a person can be quite diverse and can hardly be accurately predicted in each case. One comes with unprecedented inspiration, and upon returning home they rush headlong into work. Others realize the futility of their being and understand the need for fundamental changes in life. For the third, this is just a great opportunity to completely relax from the hustle and bustle and experience the greatest adventure in their life. Single hikes will definitely change you, but no one knows how and how much.

And although, as has just been said, the final result of your adventure is rather difficult to predict, you should still tell about some of the characteristic sensations that accompany a person in a single trip.

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