Trekking in Almaty Mountains

hiking in the mountains of Almaty

September 17, we went on a wonderful trip to the peak “Bukreeva”.

Many thanks to all the guys! You are great fellows that reached the peak. Because it was unrealistic to go far, because we walked from Medeo to the Butakovsky Gorge and along the ridge, as a result, we were above the Almatau camp site, which is quite far from the city.

This trip justified its complexity “above average”, judging by the reviews of experienced guys, it was also difficult for them.

Many thanks to Sergey from Phoenix for dragging a 10-pound watermelon to the mountain, at the top it was the most delicious watermelon in my life =). + It motivated me well to rise.

On the descent we were divided, one group went towards Furmanovka and Komissarovskogo gorge, the second group went down the ascent path.

When we started to go down, we found that one girl on the rise became ill, she was sitting, could not move a single step and said that she would shut off now. We quickly spread her a karemat, brought water and chocolate. About 20 minutes lay down, she felt better and she began to go down. According to her, in the middle of the ascent, she felt unwell. So, please, guys, you feel that you feel bad, do not aggravate, do not listen to anyone, rest or go down.

Further, going down to the Butakovsky gorge, we decided to go to the waterfall. We climbed up to it and even bathed in ice water =).

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