What to Hike in the Mountains

What kind of food to take on a hike

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A tourist trip beckons with its romance, test of strength and, of course, incredible landscapes that open only to those who are not afraid of kilometers of walking path. If you are determined to go on vacation high in the mountains with a backpack on your shoulders, it is very important to put everything you need into it. After all, far from civilization, you should not rely on extremely comfortable conditions, but since the rule “I carry my whole body with me” works as accurately as possible, the backpack should be filled only with the most necessary.

We have compiled a list of things that will come in handy for you on a hike (given that at least two people go on a hike – it’s not one thing to explore the mountains).

What to take on a hiking trip © Depositphotos A 55-60 liter backpack will satisfy your needs, especially if you pack it correctly. Do not forget the raincoat on the backpack – it will protect things from unwanted getting wet. A tent for two people should be light and reliable. Choose models without many pockets – they are often not used, but they take up space and add weight.


A karemat or an inflatable mat – so that it is warm and the cold from the earth does not disturb your sleep and health. If you stay in the mountains for several days and scatter the camp there, you must understand that you will sooner or later get tired of sitting in a tent or on a stump. . Therefore, there is a great alternative – inflatable sofas. They do not take up much space in a hiking backpack, quickly inflate and deflate, and very conveniently adapt to your body. In addition, this thing is universal – you can use inflatable sofas for relaxing and sleeping, and then later on the beach instead of a sunbed. What to take on a hiking trip © Sleeping bag is better to choose from synthetic material – it dries quickly, weighs within 1 kg and does not take up much space. Primus, lighter, iron bowl, cup and spoon – so that there is something to cook and from what to eat. It is better to take special dishes for hiking, as it holds heat well, but does not heat up itself. You can take an additional plastic cup and attach it to a backpack: it is easy and convenient if you want to drink water from a stream. What to take on a hiking trip © Depositphotos

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