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Reykjavik – Landmannalaugar – Alftavatn – Torsmörk – Eyyafyadlayokyudl and Mirdalsyokyudl – Skougafoss – Jokulsarlon – Gudlfoss – Blue Lagoon – Reykjavik

Duration: 13 days

Kilometers: 85 km

Cost: 630 euros

Difficulty: medium

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Trekking in Iceland is an opportunity to get to know one of the most exotic countries in the world, located on an island in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Iceland is a fantastically beautiful “land of ice” with an indescribable mountain landscape and geysers gushing from under the ground. Here the primitive energy of nature appears before us in all its glory. Active volcanoes, including the famous Eyyafyadlayokyudl, hot mineral springs and powerful waterfalls, millennia-old glaciers and lava fields, snow-capped peaks, rocky fjords – all this fits on this small, but such a hospitable island. On a hike in Iceland we will see the coast of the ocean, deserts, picturesque lakes, and volcanoes and glaciers will often change the landscape of the island right before our eyes. In the summer in Iceland there are “white nights”, and in winter daylight hours last only 4 hours. The central part of the island in winter is so reminiscent of the lunar landscape that NASA practiced here with its astronauts access to the surface of the moon. The solitude of the island in many ways helped the Icelanders to preserve the virgin nature, their culture and ancient traditions. We will visit cozy Reykjavik, which is considered the cleanest city in the world, and Iceland itself takes the second place in the rating of peaceability according to Forbes magazine. So let’s go on a hike around Iceland without delay, where you can see what you will not find in any other part of the world!

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