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hiking in the Caucasus

If you have already conquered the Carpathians and Crimea, it’s time to go hiking in the Caucasus. Here you will find completely different heights, and the picturesque mountains of the mountain are more severe and powerful. However, you do not need to think that they are subject only to experienced conquerors of tracks. Hiking in the mountains of the Caucasus is well tolerated by beginners of hiking adventures, who turned to the active recreation club Pohod V Gory.

It is enough to determine the route, pack in a backpack, tune in to a wave of positive emotions, do not forget the camera – and you can go to the mountains. You do not need special physical preparation and special skills, as the group is always accompanied by an experienced instructor, choosing proven paths and helping to overcome any possible difficulties. And there are no particular difficulties. The main thing is that we need a psychological attitude and inner freedom from the benefits of civilization. Pure mountain air will fill your lungs and clear your head of the hustle and bustle of familiar days, communication with like-minded people, an introduction to picturesque nature, mountain romance and hiking, will give you unforgettable emotions and memories.

The Caucasus Mountains are popular not only for adventure lovers, but also for climbers. Everyone can find the hiking route in the Caucasus that suits him. The Caucasian ridge with its characteristic deep gorges and peaked peaks, alpine meadows, snow-white glaciers and picturesque waterfalls, turbulent mountain rivers will be able to charm you forever.

The pearl of the Caucasus is Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe attracts extreme people. Climbing beginners and hikers in good company are better suited for hiking in the Western Caucasus, Kuban, Ciscaucasia and the South Caucasus.

Safe Hiking in the Western Caucasus

The Western Caucasus seems to have been created for tourist groups, including sophisticated mountain climbers and beginners who are only dreaming of discovering a real adventure, changing hotel rests to active ones. The paths here are moderately difficult, therefore ideal for a first meeting with the Caucasus.

Mysterious caves, mountain lakes, emerald meadows and majestic mountain peaks are rich in the nature of Abkhazia. Going on camping trips to the Caucasus, you will definitely feel the real Caucasian hospitality, which is saturated with everything in the Caucasus: air, settlements, even caves and mountain ranges.

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