Camping in the mountains that take with you


We are not a travel agency, but a tourist club for outdoor enthusiasts who visit places that are inaccessible to people who are accustomed to relaxing on the principle of “comfortable and all at hand.” That is why we will not provide you with comfortable accommodation in the center of the reserve, sleeping on beds and home cooking. We will sleep in tents on tourist rugs, and cook to eat on gas burners. In this regard, in the campaign you need minimal personal equipment. For you, we have compiled a list that will help you in preparing for the trip.

And so, in the list we reflected all the most necessary:

1. Backpack – from 60 to 80 liters. Your friend for the whole trip! In the backpack should be 1/3 of the place for public equipment and food.

2. A sleeping bag or just a sleeping bag. It is very important that the sleeping bag was warm, at night in the mountains it is quite cold and even in summer it can drop to + 3 degrees. A sleeping bag is needed with a comfort temperature of + 3 + 5 degrees. Better it be hotter than freezing at night.

3. Rug or foam – the simplest polyurethane rug. You can always find in any tourist store. Of the advantages, lightweight, does not miss the cold, cheap. Of the minuses, voluminous, if you are not used to sleeping on this rug almost on solid ground, the first two nights, you will have to get used to it. A more advanced rug today, a self-inflating rug. Of the minuses, the price is much higher than a conventional polyurethane rug. Of the pluses, it is compact, the level of comfort is much higher, it “eats” uneven ground and stones.

4. Inflatable Pillow (optional) – this is according to your desire and requirements for the level of comfort. Small and compact pillow will make your dream more pleasant. Some place a backpack or jacket under their heads.

5. A personal set of tourists – a mug, spoon, bowl, knife. It is desirable that the dishes were iron. Do not take home dishes, it is too fragile and has a lot of weight. The dishes can be taken from aluminum, it is the lightest and not expensive.

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