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Mountain Altai is famous for its picturesque landscapes, unique natural features and interesting historical monuments. This is where our summer camp is located

The Children’s Rest Center “Children’s Tourism Empire” is located in the Altai Territory, 8 km from the unique Aya Lake, 200 meters from the Katun River. The clean natural air and the indescribable beauty of the mountains naturally create favorable conditions for recreation. We supplemented them with sports facilities and playgrounds, built a whole rope park and pool, and, of course, developed exciting programs and excursions, which as a result gave us the opportunity to arrange unforgettable vacations for your children. Sports games, discos, bus and walking tours, contests – all this makes children’s recreation not only enjoyable, but also useful. The summer camp is a great place where a child can find new friends and develop new skills, become more independent, learn his own talents and ability to grow stronger physically and emotionally. We invite children from 7 to 17 years old in the season. Each age group has its own program, taking into account its inherent features and interests. In the “Children’s Tourism Empire” all the requirements of normative and legislative acts are observed. Our teachers are qualified specialists in love with Altai and their work. Each of them underwent training in the library, acting, took a specialized course in safety engineering, psychology, first aid and other disciplines necessary for working in the camp. The teachers are young, but experienced, because they have already spent more than one shift here. The entire staff of the “Children’s Tourism Empire” has medical books and is examined at a medical institution before the opening of the camp season. The level of training, experience and qualifications of our employees makes it possible to find a common language with each child, thereby ensuring the maximum possible psychological and emotional comfort! A caring and responsive team of counselors is constantly next to the children, based on two adults for 20 children. The distribution of children in groups and the resettlement in rooms occurs according to the age of the child. Life in our summer camp in Altai is amazingly beautiful! A lot of entertainment for every taste, excursions, workshops, parties, sports, swimming, rope park, bicycles, hiking and that’s not all! With careful attention to the health and cheerful mood of children, a certain diet and rest regime is observed in the camp.

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