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To hike in the mountains or just

When going on a hike, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. It’s best to start with a backpack. After all, he will become your reliable friend and assistant in any journey. Suitable equipment is always necessary, regardless of the amount of luggage and the duration of the trip.

Travel backpacks

Tatonka – a German brand of reliable travel equipment, presents a series of travel backpacks for a variety of travels:

Trekking (tourist) backpacks are divided by types of travel on backpacks for long trips with a large weight, for long trips with a small weight or for shorter expeditions.

All travel backpacks are equipped with a convenient valve with a compartment for a first-aid kit, a durable and convenient waist belt, removable anatomical straps, chest and side ties, an Air Mesh back ventilation system, many additional mountings (for carrying skis, ice axes and other equipment and things). Travel backpacks are sewn from modern materials with water-repellent impregnation, such as Cordura, nylon and PVC, and the fittings are made of high-quality plastic.

Trekking backpacks, as a rule, are two-chamber, have a main compartment and a “basement” with separate access. You can get things from the “basement” without shifting the entire backpack. They store spare shoes, raincoats, a first aid kit or other equipment that may suddenly be needed.

The main features of tourist expeditionary backpacks are a large volume and a special suspension system (back). allowing comfortable enough to carry out long transitions with high weight. The suspension system is a semi-rigid frame made of duralumin and fiberglass, integrated into the “back” of the backpack, and a system of ergonomic straps and belts of a special design that allow to unload the shoulders, transfer weight to the hips and at the same time fix the backpack on the back so that it didn’t hang out while walking. The suspension has four settings (XL, L, M, S) and is very easy to adjust for you.

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