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Rest in Gelendzhik is a good choice. A city with a population of 70 thousand people can satisfy any needs of tourists. Beach vacation? Please – Gelendzhik Bay warms up well, the central beaches of the city are sandy and wide. Romantic trip? Walking along the 11-kilometer promenade in the evening and on a yacht in the open sea during the day – which can make the newlyweds better to each other. Leisure? Yes too. Sailing, bike tours and hiking. We will show you how to diversify your holiday in Gelendzhik. To do this, we suggest choosing a place you like from the list of TOP-10 places where you definitely need to go, relaxing in Gelendzhik.

1. “Safari Park”

“Safari Park” is a rehabilitation center, the animals living in it have a difficult fate. Many of them are former circus performers or “waste goods” by photographers. For example, John Chimpanzee lives in the park – he is a former casino worker. The administration does not buy animals for its collection. In addition to exploring shaggy and feathered, you can ride on the cable car, climb the chair lift to a height of 700 meters above sea level. An unforgettable panorama of the Gelendzhik Bay opens from here. If until now you were watching her not only from the beach, then you will be shocked.

How to get there

The entrance to the Safari Park is located on the side of the Gelendzhik-Novorossiysk highway. From the main city pier to Safari Park – 4.5 km. You can get there either by car (there is a large parking lot near the park) or by public transport, for example, a taxi.

2. Markotkh Range

You have already noticed this ridge from the beach and you must have at least thought briefly about how great it would be to be there. You can do it. The easiest way to visit the Markotkh Range is to call it by cable car. There are two of them in Gelendzhik, one is located in the “Safari Park” described above. But it will be more interesting to climb the ridge and pass it all on your own.

Begin the journey from the village of Grape. On the outskirts, where residential buildings end, a dirt road leads up to the mountains, then it takes to the right and leads a traveler along the entire ridge. The descent is on the other end of Gelendzhik, closer to the village of Svetly. From the main city pier to the village of Vinogradnoye – 12 km.

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