Hiking in the mountains of Sochi

Pseashkho, Hiking

The Caucasus Mountains are a vivid combination of impregnable cliffs, turbulent rivers, mirror-smooth lakes and rainbow colored carpets. Even in the summer you can ride in the snow, and the most successful ones will meet wild animals on their way – chamois, tours.

We invite you to spend a vacation in Sochi is unusual and interesting!

Hiking routes from Krasnaya Polyana for the summer of 2016:

The ring around the Pseashkho massif

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights. June 27 – July 02

Cost of participation: from 12,000 rubles per person

Route: Krasnaya Polyana – Psluh cordon – Aishha lane – Malaya Laba river valley – Mutnaya river – Chistaya river – Chelipsi massif – Turquoise lakes – Pseashkho glacier – Stroiteley lane – the first and second tributaries of the Psluh river – Pseashkho valley – Bzerpi eaves – lane . Bear Gate – Psekhoko Range – Krasnaya Polyana

An exclusive trek of increased complexity for experienced tourists! You will go to places where it is very difficult to get a pass, overcome glaciers, rocks, mountain rivers.

The Seedlake and the peak of Jitaku

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights. July 17-20

Cost of participation: on request

Route: Krasnaya Polyana – Lane Bear Gate – Bzerpinsky cornice – Perevalnaya North peak – Semiozerye – Dzitaku peak – Camp Cold – Krasnaya Polyana

The route through the beautiful surroundings of Sochi, accessible to tourists with average physical fitness. You are waiting for mountain lakes, simple ascents, flowering alpine meadows.

The Pearl of the Caucasus – Kardyvach Lake

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights. July 25-30

Itinerary: Krasnaya Polyana – booths on the Aishkha ridge – Lake Klumbochka – Lake Superior Kardyvach – Lake Middle Kardyvach – Lakes Utayannye – Lake Kardyvach – Engelmanovy Polyany – Grushevy Ridge – Krasnaya Polyana

Less visited mountain lakes of the Caucasus will open before you in all its splendor! To participate in a trip along this route, a pass to the border zone is required. Sign up in advance!

We issue passes to the reserve, border zone, reserve. We provide transport services.

Overnight stays take place in small houses – “booths” (if there are free places in them) or in tents. Meals in the campaign are paid extra, the menu is agreed with all members of the group. The full cost of the trip is calculated based on your wishes, the availability of equipment, etc.

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