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A fresh video, what to take on a hike to the mountains from food. What things to take on a hike to the mountains. So to make it easier, less backpack volume.

The meaning of this list is to go the entire route and not be banished somewhere on the floor of the road. So:

1. We take a passport – without a passport, balls decrease somewhere by 50% -70% 2. A metal mug – without it, there is no chance of participating in a tea party, which is fraught with falling out of the team 3. Knife, fork, plate – it doesn’t burn, which is not often on trips. 4. Lighter, toilet paper, knife 5. Dried fruits and snacks like peanuts, gozinaki, etc. – food at short breaks (the one who does not take the eats Kent and impudent) 6. Plastic bottles for water – it is possible on site and full, but so that there is a calculation of at least 3 liters per person7. Sleeping bag and Karimat 8. Flashlight 9. Swimming trunks or shorts (towel) – bathing occurs in each oncoming pond despite the temperature of the surrounding air

Participants taking respect1. Tent 2. Bowler 2. Map, GPS3. Burner, cylinders 4. Alcohol, cognac 5. Photo and video cameras 6. Compact saw for firewood 7. Dry alcohol 8. Or a non-soaking backpack or backpack bag 9. Campfire gloves 10. Lipstick for drying lips 11. Sunblock 12. Mosquito repellent 13. Elastic bandage, green, plaster, activated carbon 14. Electrical tape 15. Tea is good, so that it is not Askold (Vadyukin tea) for tea is a joint affair and drinking different teas is considered very Kentish.

P.S. Anyone who has not taken anything from a set of respectful ones at all – risks passing to the rank of causing disrespect.

Do not take! 1. A lot of canned goods in glass and tins – fawn and hard. 2. White T-shirts – not the topic! 3. Backpacks less than 40l. – the guys have a feeling that they are pulling everything

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