Mountain Camping List

List of things for a five day

The Carpathians and the Caucasus are mountains with a harsh, changeable climate. Therefore, it is necessary to have the proper equipment.

Large spacious backpack 80-100 liters Sleeping bag (comfort 0-5 ° C) Rug (karemat) Trekking boots (sneakers) Two-layer tent Poncho Cloak Trekking poles KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife) Headlamp Sunglasses Hygienic lipstick to protect against chapping lips, cream Personal hygiene products Personal first-aid kit Photo camera Mobile phone Wind and moisture protection (synthetic jacket and pants, preferably membrane) Headgear (baseball cap and fleece hat) Fleece sweater Thermal underwear Socks, underwear Shirt or football LCA with long sleeves

Mandatory things


The backpack needs to buy an anatomical design for the back. For a man, a backpack should have a volume of 80-100 liters, for a woman: 60-80 liters. Do not take old backpacks-koloboks, they will put pressure on your shoulders. The backpack must have a belt and straps on the chest, which will help reduce the load on the back. It is very good if your backpack has unloading loops for the hands that will help relax the body. If the backpack has a cape, this does not mean that it will not get wet. The ideal option is to have a poncho coat on yourself and on your backpack. For tourists, we have prepared a separate article on how to choose a backpack.


You need to have good trekking shoes for hiking on stones. It is recommended to take trekking sneakers or shoes with a Vibram sole. If you have problems with the ankle, it is better to take shoes with a Vibram sole that will firmly fix the foot. Sneakers or sandals are suitable as spare shoes, but in no case should you take sneakers or sandals as the main shoe. In the Carpathians, there is always high humidity. They get wet quickly, it is difficult to walk on stones in them. It is best to distribute shoes before the trip to avoid corns. In the Caucasus, you need boots made of thick leather, with a high rubberized welt, without numerous seams, otherwise they will rub off against small stones – loose powder. See a detailed article on how to choose shoes for hiking.

Moisture protection

In the Carpathians and the Caucasus there are very heavy rains and hail.

You always need to have waterproof protection – a waterproof jacket and pants, and on top – a poncho raincoat on yourself and on your backpack. In addition, in a backpack, all things must be packed in waterproof bags.

It is best to take a jacket and pants with a membrane and glued seams. Together with a cloak they will keep your body dry.

Poncho raincoat is the perfect waterproof protection for you. Raincoats with good water resistance cost a lot of money, but they bring great benefits in the campaign.

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