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A good supply manager does not run out of food A good supply manager does not stay

Sports trips in the mountains have been around since the 1950s. However, surprisingly, during this time only one good book has been written on nutrition in mountain hikes – this is A.A. Alekseeva “Food in the hiking.” Its value lies in the fact that it forms the right approach or, if you like, a basic view of how, based on what principles and considerations, a layout should be made. This book, I think, is worth reading to every supply manager. Considering that after such an inspired advertisement, you will probably read it, I will not retell its content, but will highlight only the main considerations that should be taken into account when drawing up the layout.

To begin with educational program in terms of:

Calorie or energy value – and it is clear from the name – the amount of energy stored in a particular food.

Digestibility – the maximum possible ability for the body to digest and receive energy from a specific food. Let’s say for sugar – 99%. But for stew only about 30% – i.e. 70% of the stew’s weight will go “nowhere” and only 30% of the body will receive calories. Digestibility drops when the body is tired, with a lack of oxygen, in stressful situations, with diseases, etc.

BJU – Protein Fats Carbohydrates. These are the main components that make up food. They have different calories and digestibility.

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