Mountain Hiking Poems

in verses about hiking on the mountain

And immediately went along with Peter Rykalov, Masha Novosad and Dmitry Gatilov on a beautiful ski trip in the Southern Urals. He passionately loved nature, subtly felt it, did not miss a single season. Before the Army in two years, he had been on ski or mountain trips 8 times!

After graduating from the Agricultural Academy. Timiryazev, he served as an officer in the suburbs and on every vacation he went on long and difficult journeys. First, the ski “six” in the Subpolar Urals with Mikhail Vasiliev (1st place in the Moscow Championship, 2001), then the mountain “four” with Peter Rykalov in the Western Tien Shan near Chatkal peak (1st place in the Championship of Russia, 2002 )

After the Army, the period of his most difficult hikes begins – the champion ski hike with Sergey Bezditko in the Southern and Mongolian Altai (2003), the most difficult mountain hike with the team of Pyotr Rykalov in the South-Western Pamirs, in which he climbed the peaks of Mayakovsky (6096), the Armed Forces ( 6136) and Karl Marx (6723). In 2004, as part of Pyotr Rykalov’s team, he goes on a Transamir campaign from Dzhirgital through Fedchenko Glacier to Poymazar, conquering the peaks of Korzhenevskaya (7105) and Communism (7495) along the way.

Recently, he often complained that, being fond of sports, he pays little attention to the contemplation of nature and travel, as such. As if catching up, he takes part in a cycling trip in Oman (January 2004), organizes a simple May trip in Turkey (2004), and dreams of a long trip next summer in Tibet and Nepal.

At the end of October 2004 he, together with his closest friends, goes on a simple trip along the Ferghana Range in Kyrgyzstan. And there he dies …

In the Altai campaign of 2003

From correspondence with Andrei Lebedev:

Hello! Yesterday I arrived from Altai, tanned, rested and a little tired. The route turned out to be quite good, although we planned a bit more. We visited the Mongolian part of Altai and linearly passed through the South and North Chui ridges.

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