Mountain Tourism in the Caucasus

mountain tourism in the Caucasus

– This is a trip to the mountains along slopes, ridges, glaciers, through passes and mountain streams. Mountain tourism in the Caucasus is most popular in Russia in the Caucasus in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, in the Murmansk Region, Altai, the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, the Chersky Range, the Khibiny and other mountains, hundreds of climbing routes have been developed, and all conditions have been created for participants in this type of tourism.

Of all the mountainous regions of our country, the Western Caucasus has the greatest natural contrasts – from glaciers of the alpine highlands to the subtropics. Mountain tourism in the Caucasus is the most affordable option to see mountain ranges, glaciers, huge gorges, mountain rivers, alpine meadows, as well as snow in the midst of summer!

The Western Caucasus is the oldest and well developed region. Here beginners and sports groups will find routes. The simplest paths lie in the relatively low western part, starting with Arkhyz. Popular routes through the mountains of Sochi to the sea. A calm beach vacation after a many-day trip through passes and glaciers – what could be better?

Mountain tourism in the Caucasus is developing in an organized manner in children’s and adult sports sections and tourism centers, which are found in almost every city. Also, many tourism lovers go to the mountains on their own. However, it is better for novice tourists, as well as those who first go to the mountains of Sochi, to use the services of professional instructor guides. Experienced attendants are a guarantee that the trip will be safe and deliver only a pleasant experience.

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