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Sugarloaf Mountain in Sudak

More and more people who come to rest in Crimea and Sudak, wallowing in the sand in the surf and looking at the mountains around, secretly dream of at least one of them in the near future to conquer. But is there such an increase in all forces? Yes! It turns out that the whole difficulty of climbing is just to force yourself to get up early, and that’s all! Equipment for mountain excursions in Crimea for a modern person can be only a flask and a camera plus a symbolic burden in the form of a small backpack with different small things. However, an independent trip to the mountains often it’s not the impression we are counting on: there are a lot of trodden paths, which means you can easily pass by and not notice a small mountain spring or something unusual and significant in the surrounding lan shafte.K Besides, a walk in the mountains is always more interesting place in a small group of people united by a common desire: to actively relax and visit places where rarely gone before. Usually, such a team receives initial training, has a clear idea of ​​where they are going, and it is usually led by an experienced instructor or local guide. These are exactly the ones we offer in the Sudak region: a one-day hike to the mountains without baggage (without a solid backpack behind , without spending the night in the mountains, with obligatory swimming in the sea or in mountain waterfalls). We offer individually-group one-day trips along a single route – weekend routes up to three calendar days on combined one-day ma shruchami and the route “Sudak round the world” lasting up to nine calendar days: from Uskutsky waterfalls to the handsome Echki-Dag. What are the charm and novelty of our routes – we will talk about this further. The main thing to decide for yourself: I can pass the mountain pass and rest in Crimea and in Sudak to decorate just such a one-day transition.

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