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Route book: 1 / 1-102 Leader of the group: Shemyatikhin D.B. + 7 926 410-17-69

Category of difficulty – 1 C.S.

Number of participants – 12

Duration of the route – 7 days.

The length of the route is 133 km (taking into account the coefficient 1, 2)

Route thread

Moscow – (train) – Krasnodar – (bus) – Maykop – (in UAZs) – “Taiwan” (Sakhraev merger) – Princely glade – Greater Thach ridge – c. Big Thach – Per. Damn gate – c. Western Acheshbok (1A, 2486) (rad.) – HR. East Acheshbok – hr. Hague – hr. Chests – hr. Bambaki – s. Nikitino – c. Hatsavita (n / a, 1996) – hr. Markopidge – Per. Blybsky (n / a ?, 2580) – canyon p. A lion. Rozhkao – with. Rozhkao – (gazelle) – Maykop – (train) – Tuapse – (train) – Moscow

Route passed unchanged

ScheduleDateDay of routeChange of routeKms Coeff.Reset HWF April 30 – May 2 Moscow – Krasnodar – Maykop – “Taiwan” – May 2 “Taiwan” (Sakhraev merger) – Princely Glade6, 908, 289003: May 343The Princely Glade – the Greater Thak Ridge -. Big Thach – Per. Devil’s Gate15, 6018, 7211706: May 284. Western Acheshbok (1A, 2486) (rad.) – HR. East Acheshbok – hr. Hague – hr. Chests 16, 3019, 56113012807: 045 mayor. Bambaki – s. Nikitino – slopes of Mount Hatsavita 20, 5024, 6077512506: May 126. Hatsavita (n / a, 1996) – hr. Markopidge20, 4024, 4814008256: 327 mayper. Blybsky (n / a ?, 2580) – canyon p. A lion. Rozhkao19, 5023, 4010007: 088 May Southern Elephant – s. Rozhkao12, 114, 52759502: 408–9 mayas. Rozhkao – Maykop – Taupse May 9 Taupse May 10-11 Tuapse – Moscow Total 111, 30133, 566225 (7600 according to 6205 (7478 according to Idea of ​​a trip

May-early June is the best time to visit this picturesque area. Snow has already fallen, but the snowflakes have remained. In summer, there is no water at the top, all of it goes to karst.

The forest in the area is usually transparent, untouched, relatively little undergrowth, you can walk without roads. But there are slopes up to 40-45 °.

Near the settlements (Novoprokhladnoe, Nikitino, Rozhkao) there are many groups from the Krasnodar Territory that go along approximately the same route (and more often a little shorter) at 1-2 k.s on foot, sometimes in 1x. mountain. 2x long obstacles. the area is small, for this you will have to go off logical paths and walk where your eyes look.

There is a very high quality OSM map for the area. All trails are either present on the terrain, or there you can reasonably walk along the meadow. The map can be downloaded in vector form to GPS.

Almost the only logical route along the Thachs runs along the border of the reserve along the Thachi-Acheshbok-Agigé-Bambaki-Chest ridges. From everywhere beautiful views. There are also trails and roads down the valleys, there are a lot of logging vehicles, but walking along them is not very interesting.

From Nikitino to Bolshaya Laba, there are many options: either south through the Blybsky pass, or bypass the Gentoo massif from the north along the Beskes river. If there is little time, you can go through the Hatsavita and Markopidzh ring and return to Malaya Laba to the cordon of the reserve.

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