Things To Go On A Mountain Trip

Coral valley in sierra

Summer is the best time for hiking and outings. But before you begin to travel, you should identify the most necessary in the campaign. Of course, a traveler’s recruitment may vary depending on the needs and requirements for a vacation. Someone even on the farthest journey takes a guitar, someone prefers to take a minimum of things. But there is a necessary list of obligatory things that cannot be dispensed with in the wild.

So, we are preparing for the trip competently and take the following important things with us.

What to take on a hike? Backpack, tent, first aid kit, navigator

Fees begin with the choice of a convenient and practical backpack. Take special care to purchase, because a successful and safe walking trip depends on this accessory. Pay attention to landing to avoid scuffs along the way. The hiking backpack should be lightweight and functional. Do not save on it, give preference to models of well-known brands so that your outing does not result in injuries and inconveniences.

How to pack a backpack on a camping trip? Put heavy things down and closer to your back. Place the lightest items at the top. Do not leave voids. Put important things on the route in special sections of the backpack (raincoat, navigator, knife).

In the wild, anything can happen, so do not neglect the first-aid kit. Be sure to take: bandage, zelenka, painkiller, antipyretic, activated carbon.

A navigator for hiking in the forest is a necessary attribute that will provide orientation on the ground. You can also take a compass and maps, they will help you find the right path in an emergency. In order to avoid difficulties, take care of charging and do not turn on the navigator unnecessarily.

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