Trekking Altai Mountains

Tours to Altai 2017 from Moscow

Wonderful, magical, crystal … What elevated epithets are not awarded to Altai for its original natural beauty! High mountains, mysterious plateaus, full-flowing northern rivers, crystal lakes, picturesque forests – all this is Altai. What could be more attractive for fans of active tourism than the virgin-beautiful, not disfigured by the presence of man nature?

Did you know that:

in the Altai Territory, at the confluence of the two rivers – Katun and Biya, the great Ob originates – the longest river in Russia. Its basin occupies about 70% of the territory of the Altai Territory; in the Soloneshensky district of the Altai Territory, the oldest site of an ancient man in Russia of the Lower Paleolithic era was found. Its age is 1 million 700 thousand years; the hydrological wealth of Altai includes more than 17 thousand rivers and 13 thousand lakes; 3 rivers of the Altai Territory are more than 500 km long and 32 – more than 100 km – some lakes in Altai do not freeze even in the most severe frosts ( for example, Bolshoi Yarovoye) – the water temperature in Lake Kulundinsky at the end of July can reach almost 30 degrees Celsius – over 1650 species of plants grow in the Altai Territory, while only 149 are considered edible – at the beginning of the XIX century the region ranked 1st in the Russian empire producing For silver, the 2nd – copper and the 3rd – gold-mountains occupy a significant territory of the Altai Territory, among them there are many mountain ranges up to 3-4 thousand meters high. The highest point in Altai – the two-headed mountain Belukha has a height of 4506 meters Altai has 1402 glaciers, the total surface area is almost 1000 sq. Km., The resort of federal significance Belokurikha, located 65 km from Biysk at the foot of Mount Tserkovka at an altitude of 240-250 m above sea level, in the valley of the river of the same name, is widely known for its healing mineral springs and a unique climate. The content of air ions in the local air is 2 times higher than in the famous Swiss Davos.

Impressive? Then go ahead – we plan our active tours to Altai and go to meet with the beautiful.

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