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Tours “Mountains-Sea” – a prefabricated auto-hiking in the Crimea. Tours “Mountains-Sea” are held in the Crimean mountains weekly, from June to September and have clear arrival schedules: every Saturday. Groups are formed at the airport of Simferopol and disperse for 14 days in several directions of the peninsula. Guaranteed arrivals allow you to connect to the forming group any number of people – from 1 tourist!

In 2014, the All-Russian national award “Route of the Year”, the “Mountains-Sea” tour was recognized as the “Best Adventure Tourist Route”! Walking tour in Crimea “Mountains-Sea” is awarded by the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea. The company “SNP-Crimea” won first place in the competition “Crimean Pearl” in the nomination “For the best organization of active forms of tourism” and for many years has been recognized as the leading tour operator of outdoor activities in Crimea.

Campaigns in Crimea as part of the Mountain-Sea tour are organized by the Tour Operator SNP-CRIMEA. The first trip to this program we conducted in 1999. Our programs have been tested over the years and by more than one thousand tourists. We are the legal and leading tour operator of hiking in the Crimea. We are responsible for your safety and the quality of the proposed tour product. Trust your vacation to professionals!

Tours “Mountains-Sea” include a week-long hike in the Crimean Mountains, where the group is provided with accommodation at civilized camp sites (2-3-4 places), three meals a day, the services of an experienced guide, cook, transfers, excursion services. Our tourists do not spend the night in cold tents in the rain, are not forced to cook at the stake, do not knock down legs in many kilometers of passages under a backpack. We offer a civilized hiking, comfortable mountain vacations. After a week of hiking in the Crimean mountains, tourists rest for 7 days on the Black Sea coast

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