Abkhazia Hiking in the Mountains

Alpine meadows-lake Mz
Day 1. Ritsa Lake – Avadhara

After the group gathers in Adler, we cross the border and leave for Ritsa on the ordered transport. Here we relax a bit, distribute products and pack in packs with backpacks, we begin a hike to Avadhara. This place is famous for its mineral waters, which we will drink today as much as we want.

Day 2. Lake Mzi

Today we are waiting for 2 (two) radials. Leaving the heavy backpacks in the Avadhara camp, we will climb the Atsytaku ridge to the picturesque Mzi Lake (located at an altitude of just over 2000 meters above sea level). Enough of admiring the caravan of a glacial lake we go down to the camp for lunch. In the afternoon we go for a walk in the valley of waterfalls. For the most restless, there will be an opportunity in the evening to climb Mount Adjara.

Day 3. Ancho.

We make the transition with backpacks and all our things through the Ancho Pass to the Pyv glade. Here we will break our camp into 3 (three) nights. All this time we will go to the radio without heavy backpacks.

Day 4 Seven Lakes Valley

Our camp stays in the Pyv glade. With light backpacks, we go on a tour of the valley of seven lakes. Photographers, get ready! It is a very beautiful and wild place. We will also climb Mount Agura and take good photos there.

Day 5. Arihua Ridge

Again we have a radial exit without backpacks. We climb to the ridge of Arihua, where cattle are grazed in large numbers by local shepherds. We buy milk and cheese from them. Gourmets, attention! You have never tried such delicious dairy products as in the mountains of Abkhazia. After the meal, we’ll climb Mount Ancho (2698 m) and return to Pyv Glade.

Day 6-7. Pshu

We collect tents and pack backpacks. We are waiting for the transition to the famous Abkhazian mountain village – Pskhu. It is located in a cramped mountain valley between the Caucasus and Bzyb ranges. We will spend the whole next day in this wonderful village isolated from the whole world. We will visit dolmens and the fortress of the VIII century. We will see the real life of the inhabitants of this part of the Caucasus.

Day 8. Gudautsky Pass

Through numerous fords and suspension bridges we pass the valley of the Bzyb River and rise to the Gudauta Pass (1500 m). We get down to the village of Khabyu, from where we get by bus to New Athos, where we spend the night right on the seashore.

Day 9. New Athos, rest at sea

The first half of the day is a vacation at sea. Those who do not like to lie on the beach can explore the monastery, local waterfalls and the cave with us. On this, the program of our campaign in Abkhazia has been exhausted. The group returns home. Those who wish are left to rest.

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