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Nevinnomyssk – Arkhyz – Baritny waterfall – Baritny pass – Bear lake – Agur pass – Mylgval pass – Lake Kyafar – Kynkhara pass – Lake Chilik – Zaozerny pass – Atsgara river valley – Zagedan passes, Nadezhda – Phiya pass – Arkhiz valley – Arkhyz – Nevinnom pass

Duration – 9 days.

Kilometers – 87 km

Cost – 16,000 rubles 12,000 rubles

Difficulty – High

Departure place: 09:00 Nevinnomyssk

Place of arrival: 20:00 Nevinnomyssk

The nearest dates:

The trekking route passes through the massif of Abishir-Akhub, a mountainous area in Karavaevo-Cherkessia, where many picturesque alpine lakes are located. The lakes of the Western Caucasus are real pearls, whose majestic beauty and crystal clearness will not leave anyone indifferent. We will go through several lakes every day! And we are waiting for full-flowing waterfalls and stormy rivers.

1 day. Nevinnomyssk – Cherkessk – Arkhyz – Baritovy waterfall

We meet early in the morning at the railway station of Nevinnomyssk. Transfer by bus to Cherkessk. There we order a minibus to the village of Arkhyz. After moving, we still have a long climb up the hill, most likely we will come to the parking lot for the night. As we ascend, more and more magnificent views will open up for us – Mount Sofia, the tract Morg-Syrty, the gorge of the Kyzgych River. They are located in the southern part of Arkhyz. We will visit the magnificent Barite Falls, where water with a crystal ribbon falls from a sheer gray wall from a height of 30 m. For the night we will be staying near the remains of Kosh, we will cook the food on gas.

The launch height is 1461 m, the overnight height is 2429 m, the climb is 1000 m, the distance is 3.5 km.

2 day. Baritovy pass – Arkhyz pass – Bear Lake – Kosh

We overcome the rest of the ascent to the Baritovy pass, then we conquer another pass – Arkhyz and go down to Bear Lake. In this place begins the ridge of Abishir-Akhub, famous for its many lakes. Dense fogs are frequent here, so we master photography in difficult conditions. We get down to the Käfar-Agur River, where we will stay for the night. There is a forest near the parking lot, which means it will be possible to cook at the stake.

The height of the overnight stay is 2061 m, the climb is 519 m, the height is 887 m, the mileage is 8.6 km.

3 day. Agur Pass – Mygval Pass – Käfar Lake

We rise to the lake, where the river Käfar originates. Then we pass two simple and beautiful passes – Agur and Mygval. We will see the valley along which we climbed, and many lakes. We get down to Käfar Lake, where our next night will be. Cooking on gas or gasoline. Along the way, we can meet many animals, especially tours (mountain goats). Abishira-Akhuba is not a nature reserve, but the nature here is perfectly preserved.

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