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Why do some people prefer to go hiking with a backpack instead of lying in a sun lounger by the hotel pool in Goa or Bali? Why do some spend a lot of money on hiking instead of buying a very specific thing that excites the envy of their neighbors and the respect of colleagues? And why, namely, those who find time to go on a multi-day hike to the mountains with a backpack, for many years keep in perfect physical shape and high spirits? Fortune pampers them with his attention, and loved ones with love!

The benefits of a walking tour

Hiking is the only panacea for all life’s problems. Judge for yourself, every year going on foot tours, we are forced to maintain our body in good shape, otherwise in the first days of the trip you will be very uncomfortable against the background of more frisky comrades. In other words, the habit of “going camping” is the best incentive to keep your physical body in strength and health.

If a backpacking trip is aimed at those who are camping for the first time, then the pace of the event will naturally be lower, and during the trip you will get used to physical exertion, get involved and wish to consolidate your success by regular visits to the nearest fitness center.

In addition, we will open a little secret, participants in a real hiking trip with a backpack almost never get sick. The body, surprised by the loads of the walking tour and the wonderful nature, mobilizes and forgets about its ailments. Activated immunity after a trip is usually enough for 3-9 months.

Hiking Check

In the almost extreme conditions of a camping trip, all the qualities of a person come out, both good and bad. And therefore, if you want to get to know a person better, be it your friend, or a potential marriage partner, you can really get to know him. Even Vladimir Vysotsky sang: “Let him be in a bundle of one, with you, there you will understand who he is.”

A weekly hike with a backpack, like a scalpel in the hand of a surgeon, will reveal all the positive and negative qualities of any person.

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