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Without exception, all people who travel to Crimea are equal in one thing – they all overcome Perekop – Or Qapı – the Crimean Tatar place name for the city, which is located on a thin isthmus that connects the Crimean peninsula with mainland Ukraine.

Of course, tourists are different. There are ordinary people – that is, people who prefer the most comfortable stay: settle in the guest yard, and calmly lie back on the beach. But there are extreme tourists who do not mind breaking their legs and carrying several tens of kilometers behind their backs weighing twenty kilograms.

If you saw interesting photos of Crimean rocks, capes, tops somewhere on the net and your heart ached from the desire to get there, this does not mean that you are ready for the mountains. This is very tiring, and even dangerous, so you should think carefully before making a decision.

It will not be easy, but if you still decide – you will never regret it! You can go to the mountains yourself, you can with a group of friends, in this case you will not have to pay a tour operator and guide. But in order to go to the mountains in this way, you need to have friends who know the mountains, to have equipment, to be prepared for the fact that no one will pity you.

The third, optimal way for inexperienced people who have no friends among skilled mountain tourists is to go on a hike organized by a club or a tour operator.

The tour operator, organizing the trip, prepares the route, equipment and meals for each of the participants in the trip, and also provides the group with one or more experienced guides.

The only thing is that a person needs to have comfortable and durable shoes, which is extremely important for the mountains.

At the cost of tour operator services, the prices vary greatly. Hiking in the mountains for three to four days for one person can cost from 50 to 150 euros, and this difference is not always due to the quality of services. It is worth noting that the cost of services does not include the road to Simferopol, from which all trips around the Crimea are organized.

The most important thing in a hike for a few days is the backpack, or rather what is in it. First of all, these are products. They should be enough for the entire trip, so there is a clear, pre-agreed plan, it is developed taking into account the number of participants and the required calorie content, it is desirable, of course, that the food be varied. At the same time, everything should be as easy as possible and distributed among all participants in the campaign.

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