Gorno Altaysk Tourism

Gorno-Altaysk tourism

Sights of Gorno-Altaysk include interesting museums, beautiful temples, and the wonderful nature of Altai.

First of all, we recommend that tourists visit the National Museum. Anokhin, where you can see the “Altai Princess”, whose mummy was discovered on the Ukok plateau. Another museum of Gorno-Altaysk is interesting – Ulinskaya parking. The museum is open from 10-17 hours. Interestingly, this site is the oldest evidence of the presence of people in the territory of North Asia.

Secondly, travelers will be interested to see such sights of Gorno-Altaysk as the Pokrovsky and St. Makaryevsky churches, the relatively recently built Preobrazhensky church. There is a Buddhist datsan in Gorno-Altaisk and a mosque, which are also interesting to see.

If you do not wish to be bored in your hotel room in the evening, head to the National Theater, opened in 1971.

Tourists who love natural attractions will be interesting to go on an excursion to Lake Aya, as well as go on a trip to the mountains – Komsomolskaya and Tuga.

Gorno-Altaysk: excursions and events

The most popular excursions in Gorno-Altaysk are a trip to Lake Aya, walks along mountain trails, and a visit to the National Museum, where you can see the mummy of the famous Altai Princess.

If desired, you can visit Biysk, which is located 100 km from the city. If you are a lover of long-distance travels, go on an excursion to Belukha Mountain, which is considered the highest point in Altai. The mountain is located 250 km from Gorno-Altaysk.

It is interesting to visit Gorno-Altaisk during national holidays. So, there are wide Maslenitsa festivities, celebrations such as Chaga-Bayram and Nauryz are celebrated.

History of Gorno-Altaysk

The history of Gorno-Altaisk began in the 19th century as the history of a small settlement of Teleuts. They descended from the Turkic-speaking population of nomads who came from the south of Western Siberia.

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