Hiking in the Mountain Auls of Dagestan

For a week in the mountains I saw

Having arrived here, many of our companions are asking: “Is Dagestan Russia or not?” – so everything here is peculiar and unusual for residents of the rest of Russia. Dagestan is now one of the most interesting regions of the Caucasus! So, six reasons to go to Dagestan …

Country of mountains. And not only…

Dagestan is translated from Turkic languages ​​as “the country of mountains”. And this is a very true name! The mountains of Dagestan are a heap of ridges 2-4 thousand meters high, glaciers, large-scale valleys … Despite the dense population, you can get lost here. Dagestan is more reminiscent of the mountain systems of Central Asia or Tibet than the Caucasus. Moreover, the landscapes in different parts of the mountainous Dagestan are very diverse – just a paradise for a landscape photographer. And around the mountains, nature has created islands of exotic natural zones: a liana forest at the mouth! They stretch almost continuously for more than 500 km!

Auls above the clouds

Dagestan has the highest mountains in Europe inhabited by people. Auls resemble either eagle nests or goats clinging to rocks. One of such villages, Kurush, is located above 2,500 m above sea level. The high-mountain auls of Dagestan are isolated worlds protected by mountains. Sometimes, going out on the porch in the morning, you find that the house is floating above the clouds. Progress, politics, the Internet – everything is far below.

Ethnographic Reserve

Dagestan is a living reserve of the Caucasus. Here they still wear national clothes, prefer national cuisine and, more importantly, live according to the ancient adat and the norms of Islam. Many follow Sufi tariqas – after all, Dagestan is one of the world centers of Sufism! Moreover, the Dagestan mountains are truly alive. Here useless materials are discarded and modern technologies are adapted to their needs. So, they continue to do urban stone millstone, but now they are driven by an electric motor. Women continue to walk for water with antique copper jugs – if you walk close. But if for water you need to go down to a deep gorge, then husbands install a powerful electric pump.

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