Hiking in the Mountains for Beginners

Hiking for beginners

Friends, Polytechnic Public Educational Establishment! For more than 5 years I have been working and cooperating with the Horizon Public Educational Establishment in Olginka (11 km from Novomikhailovsky on the road to Tuapse), which belongs to St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and we like to go to the mountains. I invite everyone to join! If you have any questions, write in a personal email or call. Beshenka light)) Friends, I invite you to a walking tour along the canyon of the Beshenka river in the Tuapse district. This is a whole day adventure! The river Beshenka carries its blue waters along the picturesque rocky gorges, few are able to resist the temptation to swim in a refreshing stream! After a walk, the participants of the tour will be in a bathhouse, and you can cool off your ardor after a steam bath in a specially made bath bowl in the riverbed.

For lovers of thrills and for those who are looking for new experiences or just want to relax, I suggest “Sports Raging”) Extreme walking tour of the canyon of the river. Mad rabbit with professional equipment. Sport Mad Rabbit is a tour where both physical and psychological stamina of a person is tested. Amateurs of “Mad Rabbit” know that the impressions and emotions received from unusual adventures, as well as adrenaline that makes the heart beat faster, are the best of all that a person can give himself.

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