Hiking in the Mountains of Armenia

hiking and mountain hiking in

Active holidays in Armenia, so in demand among Europeans, are beginning to gain momentum among Russians. Armenia is a mountainous country with winding roads, vast forests and gorges-labyrinths against the backdrop of a beautiful and diverse nature. In a word – this is a paradise for all lovers of outdoor activities, hiking, adventure in the lap of unspoiled nature. With us you can take part in one-day ascents to one of the highlands of the country, including Mount Aragats, Azhdahak, and even Mount Ararat. However, you can combine all this within the framework of a large weekly tour, arrange jipping (off-road driving on off-road vehicles), which will be less tiresome or organize a trip to the picturesque gorges and forests – imbued with incredible mysticism of Armenian nature and at the same time visit local sights and villages lost in the mountains .

Climbing the highest peak of Armenia

Cobayr – Oromair – Odzun

A whole day of harmony with nature.

Hidden Treasures of Armenian Nature

Yerevan – Geghard – Lake Vishapa – Azhdahak

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