How to Prepare for a Mountain Hike


Over the 7 years of work as an instructor in Westra, I have repeatedly been confused – why start preparing for a trip in six months? Most often, the question follows from newcomers who still do not understand all the difficulties of the upcoming campaign and are not ready to make their plans for the next six months. The question, as a rule, is asked in May, when it is too late to start preparing for the trip – therefore, it is asked in an offended-aggressive form – I am so good, went on such and such a trip, prepared for it in less than 2 weeks, and you you don’t take a month and a half … In order not to answer the same thing many times, and also to warn those who are just going to the mountains, I decided to write this article.

Mountain hiking is a rather complicated type of activity, characterized by the fact that it usually takes place at a fairly considerable distance from people, has a considerable length and requires constant motor activity in conditions unfavorable to humans – considerable altitude, limited nutrition, and the presence of dangers not obvious to beginners (e.g. closed glaciers). Of course, not only mountain hiking, and not only hiking in general, have such properties, but it is important to emphasize that there are a number of tourist activities that, at first glance, are very similar to mountain tourism, but in fact have very significant differences from it . Below I will demonstrate that the leader is much less at risk when he takes unfamiliar people in such events who haven’t put much effort into preparing for the campaign than when he takes those to the mountain “unit”.

Example 1. A walking “walking” hike in the Crimea in May, at first glance, has much in common with a mountain hike, but:

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