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Specialization: Head of the tourist club

Higher teacher education at Ural State Pedagogical University. Participation: rafting, mountaineering. Guide: alloys, mountaineering. Courses: School of rescuers of the Ministry of Emergencies in the mountains – seminars on hiking techniques – school of water tourism. About me: Climbing championships- hiking technique championships, refereeing and organizing tourist gatherings for schoolchildren

Gildin Oleg

Specialization: Chef, Doctor

Higher medical education. Participation: alloys; Guide: alloys. About me: An irreplaceable member of our team. Driver, chef, doctor, instructor.

Kayshaev Andrey

Specialization: Project Manager, Instructor

Participation: rafting, mountaineering. Guide: alloys, mountaineering. Courses: Hiking Technology Workshops – Instructor Training School. About me: Participation in complex category trips and rafting in the Subpolar Urals and the Eastern Tien Shan. Organization of extreme trips on off-road vehicles, extreme rafting, hunting and fishing in the northern Urals.

Ershov Ivan

Specialization: Instructor

Participation: rafting, hiking. Guide: rafting, excursions About myself: Instructor on rafting in the Urals. The organizer of baths and entertainment on rafting.

Victor Ivanovich

Specialization: Project Manager

Teacher Education. Teaching experience of more than 28 years. Participation: rafting, mountaineering, hiking. Guide: alloys, mountaineering, hiking About myself: CCM for sports tourism. Head of difficult category trips and rafting in the Subpolar Urals and the Eastern Tien Shan, Northern Urals.

Yuri Beloglazov

Specialization: Leader of outdoor activities

Certified instructor: water, hiking, skiing, mountaineering. Head of many days of hiking and water travel.

Yugay Alexander

Specialization: Snowboard Instructor

Technical Specialist. Instructor and organizer of ski slopes (FreeRide). Tester and organizer of all extreme rides. Head of ski tours.

Bakulin Andrey

Participation: rafting, climbing, mountaineering. Guide: alloys, mountaineering. Courses: Seminars on hiking technology – mountaineering school. About me: Team championships in hiking technology, refereeing and organization of tourist meetings for schoolchildren, equipment specialist.

Smirnov Dmitry

Specialization: Alloy Instructor

Participation: rafting, mountaineering. Instructor: alloys, mountaineering. About me: Communication specialist.

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