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How to choose a backpack?

A backpack is the most faithful friend and companion of a tourist, the main attribute of any trip, which is why you should pay close attention to his choice. The backpack contains the entire “life and life” of the traveler, provides his comfort, but it can also turn a trip into torture. To avoid this, you will have to master the art of choosing a backpack and the skill of packing it. But if the latter is achieved mainly by practice, then theoretically one can and should prepare for the purchase of a “shoulder”.

There is no universal backpack for hiking, so let’s figure out which one is the most suitable.

Backpack selection

The choice of a tourist backpack should be approached with particular care. This is the most important purchase of all equipment. Convenient backpack greatly facilitates the carrying of cargo, maintains a healthy back and lower back. The choice of model, volume, external hinged and suspension system of the backpack is determined by the conditions of the trip, i.e. his appointment. Before buying a backpack you need to decide – for what purposes you need it and in what conditions it will be used.

Volume and purpose of the backpack

First of all, we determine the volume of the backpack. Extremes in size are equally fraught. To fit all the necessary things into a small backpack, you need to be able to tamp them, and still many of the items left overboard will have to be hung from the outside. A backpack that is too large will be packed with completely unnecessary things, poison the trip with its weight. The optimal volume will depend on the type of tourism, on the age, height and gender of the tourist, on his training. For adolescents 10-13 years old, the volume should not exceed 40-50 liters, for boys and girls from 14 to 17 years old – 65-80 liters, for weekend trips, country trips 40-65 liters are enough. For more serious trips, the following volumes are usually recommended:

Hiking: men 80-130 liters, women 60-80 liters mountain-skiing: men 100-110 liters, women 65-80 liters water and skiing: men 130 liters or more, women 80-100 liters

Of course, it is necessary to take into account individual physical features: it may turn out that a fragile guy can’t carry a 70-liter backpack, and a cute girl and a 100-liter backpack are not an obstacle for walking, say, on Crimean eggs.

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