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Krasnaya Polyana is a remarkably natural corner of the Western Caucasus, one of the centers of tourism and skiing. The village is surrounded by chestnut forests, and many medicinal herbs grow on the slopes. Since ancient times, these places have attracted travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, because it is from Krasnaya Polyana that many popular tourist routes of varying complexity begin, which you will meet by watching the film “Mountain Black Sea Trails”.

The clear waters of Lake Kardyvach, the mysterious gray-headed head of Chugush, steep slopes, the powerful Berezovy waterfall, the severe glacier Cold, unknown Abkhazia, and of course, the magnificent Fisht massif … In a relatively small area of ​​the Caucasus Nature Reserve, you can see so many amazing creations of nature like nowhere else Of Russia. The bright colors of alpine meadows, the rapid run of clouds, the whiteness of mountain snows fascinate and make you think about the eternal.

The creators of the film managed to capture many wild animals – you will see chamois and tours, a bear and affection. After watching the film “Paths of the Black Sea Mountains” there is not the slightest doubt that the Caucasian State Nature Reserve is absolutely deservedly considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The film “Trails of the Black Sea Mountains” was shot by professional cameramen and travelers while hiking in the Western Caucasus in 2009. The name of the film echoes the name of the famous book of Yu.K. Efremov, who was a geographer, poet and big admirer of the nature of Krasnaya Polyana.

Despite the fact that now you can find a lot on the Internet, the film “The paths of the mountainous Black Sea” is a bestseller, and not only because it was shot with high quality and interesting. The film was created by people who truly love the mountainous Black Sea and admire it, this is felt in every frame. The video of Krasnaya Polyana is accompanied by a fascinating story about the journey and pleasant calm music.

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