Mountain Tourism in Crimea

Hiking and mountain hiking in

The company is always selected cheerful, youth. The group is usually attended by participants of all ages, but most of the participants are usually from 18 to 30 years old. But this, of course, is not a limitation, and we are always glad to both younger and more adult participants.

Crimea attracts tourists with its diversity. On its square, there are high mountains and cave cities, endless steppes and shady forests, fancy waterfalls and steep cliffs, cozy beaches on the shores of the gentle Black Sea.

Traveling around the Crimea, you will notice how quickly the landscape is changing. For example, we just walked along a forest path and now we have already reached a plateau from which an unprecedented view of the valley opens, where villages are visible far below and a highway is guessed by a winding ribbon. We descend from the plateau and find ourselves in a functioning cave monastery of the Middle Ages, which is monitored by a single minister who will show us his amazing possessions. The highest peak of the peninsula is Mount Roman-Kosh, height 1,545 m. Another of the most popular and picturesque peaks is Mount Ai-Petri, height 1234 m. Climbing it completes some routes in this direction.

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