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Getting started planning a weekend!

And lot number 1 – Velo-Sunday!

Details, program, price and timing of the event by reference –

Or read below -> (some horrors in VK after the update.) ________________________________________________________________

Friends! We invite you to take part in a trip for mountain bike lovers and ride the full version of the Sukko-Utrish-Dyurso route + swimming in the sea!

PROGRAM OF EVENTS: Departure from Krasnodar. We are going to load the bikes into the trailer and start towards the sea. After arriving at Sukko, we have breakfast, prepare bicycles for travel. At the beginning of the route, we will visit the Sukko lake, in which cypresses grow. Then we are expected to move to Maly Utrish beach. To do this, you need to climb Mount Mare, overcoming a long climb. Experienced can spin the entire climb without dismounting. The rest can go on foot. The road runs along the border of the reserve. After the ascent, we are expected to descend to the sea along gravel and dirt roads. Utrish is a favorite place for lovers of swimming in the sea away from city beaches. Here is a vacation! Those who wish can swim in the sea. After rest, a dirt road awaits us along the seashore – the road runs along a serpentine road and the slopes alternate all the time with short ascents. And we will have the last part of the route to the village of Durso – the asphalt part. Here we relax, have dinner and go home.

DIFFICULTY: The program is suitable for mountain bike enthusiasts of an average level of skiing in the mountains. The experience of riding around the city is a must! Technically, the route is not complicated, but physically you need to sweat)))

TRAVEL / PERSONNEL: Travel by a comfortable passenger bus. Two instructors of cycling tourism (leading and closing) work with the group. Food is organized.

TIMING: 06:30 – gathering participants (Hay Market, Kalinin / Oktyabrskaya corner), loading bicycles, departure from Krasnodar 11:00 – arriving in Sukko, breakfast 12:00 – beginning of the cycling route 18:00 – dinner, loading bicycles, departure to Krasnodar

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