September Trekking Who Goes to the Mountains

September 10-11 Hiking in the mountains

The mountains are attracted by many for their unique beauty and unsolved paths, but not everyone decides to go on such a trip on their own. Yes, it can be difficult and dangerous. But if there is preparation behind you – then everything is possible!

Modern tourist infrastructure in Ukraine offers many excursion and tourist opportunities for hiking in the mountains. It provides explored routes, trained guides and … a fee for their services. But you can organize your own ascent to the mountains. How – read on.

Where to rise in Ukraine

Not Hoverla alone! In Ukraine, there are only six peaks of two thousandths: Goverla, Pop Ivan Chernogorsky, Brebeneskul, Gutin Tomnatic, Ribs, Petros. All of them are on the same mountain range – Montenegro. There is Mount Menchul, which was only 2 meters away from the two thousandth mark, and its height is 1998 meters above sea level.

Goverla is advised to go from the Zaroslyak camp site: to go to the ridge in the area of ​​Pozhizhevskaya / Breskul, and reach the peak of Goverla with the ridge.

Pop Ivan lies at the beginning of the Montenegrin ridge: they usually begin or complete the passage of the Montenegrin. It is also a good route for a one or two day trip.

Photo: Vladimir Martynyuk

Brebenesculus lies between the peaks of Menchul and the Ribs. Under the peak is the highest lake of the Carpathians with the same name. This is not the most popular peak for climbing.

Photo: Ruslan Romanyuk

Climbing Gutin Tomnatic will also lead you to Lake Brebeneskul, even faster than the mountain of the same name, because Gutin is closer to it. The main ridge path of Montenegro bypasses this peak. But if you make a detour in 1, 5 km, then you can climb the Tomnatic.

Photo: yAnTar

Ribs are the middle of Montenegro. In the south, this peak is flat, covered with grass, and in the north there are steep rocky cliffs. You can climb the Ribs by the Gadzhin tract, and go down to the Spitz mountain.

Photo: Lubomir Trigubishin

Petros is considered one of the most dangerous in bad weather – the wind is of terrible force (such that one day a forged cross made of a thick metal rod mounted there with a corkscrew spins). It borders on Hoverla, with which it is divided by a deep saddle. It’s convenient to climb Petros from Lazeshchyna, and go down to Kvasy. This way can be overcome in 1-2 days.

Photo: Peter Yarmish

From Menchul begins the Roshibenik Ridge. The slopes of Menchul are gentle, it is easier to climb it than other two-thousanders. A spinal path leads to Menchul, but you can get around this peak and go to Brebeneskul and low Dzembronya.

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