Summer Camping Equipment List

Hiking equipment

List of equipment, clothes, shoes and accessories for a summer hiking trip in the mountains of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea.

The list is based on the achievements of the modern industry for the production of hiking gear, clothes and shoes and ten years of experience traveling in the mountains of the Western Caucasus, the author of the list and his friends. Despite the fact that this is a summer trip, you should remember that you are going on a trip to the wettest places in Russia, where there are high mountains up to 3400 meters, the lowest glaciers of the Caucasus at a level of 1700 meters, turbulent full-flowing rivers, passes up to 2700 meters. In places where back in June, and then in September, snow may fall and the temperature will drop below zero, where it can be hot and stuffy during the day, and at night the temperature drops by 10-20 degrees. In places where dense fogs are not uncommon, hail often occurs and strong thunderstorms thunder, where after heavy rain showers the water level in the rivers rises, sweeping away everything in its path.

I advise you to take this summer movement very seriously!

Basic equipment and accessories.

1. A backpack weighing about 3000 grams, cordura material, duraflex fittings, YKK fasteners, a rigid suspension system, anatomical adjustable back, ventilation, water-repellent cloak, 90 liter displacement, an inside pocket for a hydrator, comfortable long straps, strong slings, the presence of a convenient and roomy valve and lower compartment.

2. The tent. Weight not more than 4000 grams, water-repellent awning not less than 4000 mm. Floor no less than 7000 mm. The form is domed, classic, aluminum arches, two vestibules and two entrances, mosquito nets, the number of seats is 2-3 people. Awning made of polyester, convenient ventilation system, the ability to hook the tent to the arches, the ability to use in 4 seasons, except for shock snow loads. Maximum wind protection, ease of assembly and disassembly.

3. Sleeping bag. Weight no more than 2000 grams. Three season. The temperature mode of comfort is at least -5, better -9, extreme indicators in this case are not important. Filler and external material are synthetic only, without the addition of natural materials. The use of down sleeping bags in wet conditions is not recommended, but it is better to have down sleeping bags, so far nothing has been invented. Choose yourself.

4. Rug (Izomat) – inflatable, weight not more than 1000 grams, size not less than 50 cm in width and not less than 180 in length. Thickness is from 3.0 to 4, 0 cm. This is an option for comfort lovers and those who do not bother to drag an extra 1 kg, I recommend the rest to simple, classic styrofoam.

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