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Thermal underwear for camping

If you are engaged in outdoor activities, are going to go hiking in the mountains, especially in winter, then it will be a very good decision to take thermal underwear with you. Contrary to the prefix “thermo”, for trips, its main property is to remain dry after physical exertion, because far from civilization it is not always possible to change clothes often. This article will briefly outline all the basic things you need to know about thermal underwear, its purpose, types and tips for choosing.

What is thermal underwear?

Thermal underwear is a functional underwear that serves to maintain heat and / or as quickly as possible the removal of moisture (sweat) from the surface of the body.

The principle of thermal underwear

In contact with the body, the air that is between the fibers of the thermal underwear is heated. Between the skin and the environment with a lower temperature, a small layer of warm air forms, which protects the body from cooling.

Thermal underwear passes moisture very well. If you wear ordinary underwear, such as cotton, then during exertion excess sweat is absorbed into the fabric, it gets wet and you start to freeze when wet clothes touch your skin. In thermal underwear, due to the difference in pressure between the warm layer and the external environment, excess moisture is pushed out of the fabric, which protects the body from hypothermia and overheating. Excess moisture (sweat) turns out to be outside of thermal underwear, and your body remains dry and you are warm.

How to choose thermal underwear? Types of thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is distinguished by its functions (heat-retaining, moisture-absorbing or combined) and by its purpose (for the warm season, for the cold season, for active sports, for everyday wear).

For everyday wear in the city, it is better to take models of thermal underwear made from natural materials (cotton, wool). It retains heat well and feels good.

For winter trips, it is worth choosing synthetic underwear with the addition of wool and cotton. It will not only remove sweat from the skin, but also retain heat better thanks to the natural material. The only minus of such thermal underwear is that natural materials absorb moisture well, so after 6-8 hours of active spending time, you will have to change it.

For hiking in the warmer months, it is better to opt for thermal underwear made from 100% synthetics. Such materials practically do not absorb sweat, due to this they dry out very quickly and perfectly remove moisture from the body. Thermal underwear made of polypropylene or polyester dries quickly on the body, and you do not need to change clothes.

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