What you need to take on a hike in the mountains

Single hikes: what you need

In previous releases of this series of articles, we talked in detail about what you need to know and be able to go and, most importantly, successfully return from a solitary trip. And today we will touch upon a no less important topic and discuss (I hope for your participation) equipment issue. So, what needs to be prepared and taken with you on a solitary trip?

When discussing the selection of equipment for tourism, two irreconcilable points of view are most often encountered. Adherents of the first prefer only the most modern specialized things for which they are ready to lay out rather large amounts of money. They are regulars in tourist shops, well versed in new technological fabrics and materials, always up to date with the latest catalogs of popular tourist brands.

The latter, as a rule, do not bother with their equipment at all and are quite capable of doing everything they need independently from improvised materials. They quite rightly remark that “not the shell paints a tourist, but the trips he completed.” As a rule, these are representatives of the “old school” who found and began to get involved in tourism during the years of general shortage. The most interesting thing is that they really manage to do fine with makeshift tents and sleeping bags, make categorical trips in old sneakers and seasoned windbreakers.

So which of the representatives of these two currents is right?

As usual, neither one nor the other is right, and the truth lies somewhere in between. Anyone who thinks that a tourist’s coolness is determined by the amount of money spent on equipment is, of course, wrong in the same way as those who say that nobody needs all these modern technologies. In fact, modern equipment is a desirable, but not at all vital, condition for a hike if, of course, it is not related to expeditionary or extreme tourism.

If you have the opportunity and desire to buy advanced modern equipment – great, buy it. If this is not possible, then this in no case can serve as a reason for refusing the campaign as such. You can always do with improvised or low-budget decisions, especially if you already have some experience in the wild.

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