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After a pause of 30 years in the most famous mountain resort of the country in the Auadhara Valley, the season of winter extreme tourism reopens.

This winter, for the first time in the modern history of Abkhazia, groups of ski tourists will climb the mountains, and in the Auadhara Valley the first hotel for 50 people will work.

Back in the Soviet years, tourists made ski trips in Auadhara, and geologists studied the possibilities of the valley as a ski resort. However, by the end of the eighties, both ski tours and scientific research ceased. This year, after a pause of 30 years, winter routes are again held in the country’s most famous mountain resort.

Alik Nalbandyan has been working as a guide in the western mountainous Abkhazia for seven years. In Agepst and Auadhar he received a mountaineering rank. This winter, Alik organizes skiing on the unprepared slopes of the Auadhara Valley and skiing trips from the valley to the village of Pskhu.

Kirill Chernykh has been skiing and skiing for many years, he climbed several times in winter in the Abkhaz mountains, including with the Mountain Abkhazia Foundation. In the Abkhaz mountains, he organizes summer tourist expeditions, and in December of this year, Cyril and his friends will go to backcountry – hiking ascents to the tops of the mountains and descents on unprepared slopes for skiing or snowboarding.

“The conditions here are incredibly comfortable for skiing – a pleasant climate, mountainous terrain of different steepness. A rider of any level can find a track in Auadhar for a good descent,” said Cyril.

Another feature of the Abkhazian mountains is its soft subtropical snow. There are three such places – in Alaska, in Japan and in the Western Caucasus. Precipitation is plentiful, often with large flakes, which makes it possible to ride on freshly fallen snow almost every day.

Both specialists have already made trips to the Abkhazian mountains, but are sure that this winter with the advent of the hotel everything will be different.

“Heated houses, food – these are completely different conditions. Now in bad weather, tourists can live warmly, walk around the valley and wait for good weather, and before any snowstorm seriously upset plans. With the advent of the hotel, we can talk about a full-fledged tourist season,” Alik notes Nalbandian.

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