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Features of equipment for a winter hike in the Carpathians

In the Carpathians, winter can begin at different times. Snow cover may already be in November, but as a rule, deep snow falls in the second half of December. The snowiest time in the Carpathians is from February 15 to March 15. Winter here is never the same as in Siberia, it is milder, thaws are frequent. The average daytime temperatures are -5 – -15 C, it is colder less often. The average night temperatures are -10 – -15 C, less often -20 C.

Recommendations for choosing winter equipment for the Carpathians

Tent. Most of the winter trips to the Carpathians involves spending the night in huts (houses of shepherds). Therefore, in some trips we will not take tents at all, in order to facilitate the overall weight. If the tent is taken, it is necessary to proceed from the following considerations. When you plan a sports trip in which overnight stays are possible on ridges, the best alpine tents with aluminum arches, reinforced construction, and more durable tent materials are needed. In the case of a hike, where overnight stays will be near the huts, in the forest, an ordinary all-weather scarf with plastic or aluminum arches is enough.

Backpack. For men, the recommended backpack volume is at least 75 liters, for women – at least 60 liters.

Flashlights (shoe covers, gaiters). Be sure to take along. They are designed to protect shoes from getting into the snow and dirt.

Mat. To make it warm to sleep, we recommend that you purchase a new Izhevsk rug (or of another manufacturer, most importantly – thicker) for a winter hike. Old worn rugs are best left for the summer.

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